Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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agog highly excited and full of anticipation.
bathos a sudden descent from an exalted style or esteemed state to the commonplace.
cavalier carefree and offhand; nonchalant.
coalesce to grow together or unite to form a single body or organization; unify; fuse.
collateral property or other security put forward to guarantee repayment of a loan.
epicene sharing the traits of both sexes.
harrow to go over or break up with a harrow.
impediment an obstacle or hindrance.
limn to paint or draw.
magnum opus a great work of art, literature, or music, especially a particular person's masterpiece.
maladroit not skillful; clumsy; tactless.
obfuscate to make (something) seem or be difficult to understand; obscure or darken.
phlegmatic not given to shows of emotion or interest; slow to excite.
pliant easily flexed; supple.
syntax the word order or pattern of word order in a sentence.