Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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colloquialism a word or phrase typically used in conversational, informal, or regional speech or writing, hence sometimes considered inappropriate in formal writing.
deify to raise to the rank of a god; consider to be a god.
doggerel trivial, crudely constructed verse.
emulous filled with the desire to equal or surpass.
indurate to make hard in texture; harden.
inflection change that occurs in the form of words to show a grammatical characteristic such as the tense of a verb, the number of a noun, or the degree of an adjective or adverb.
intransigence refusal to alter one's ideas or position in response to the wishes of others.
laureate one honored for achievement in a particular field or by a particular award, especially in the arts or sciences.
malaise a state or condition of feeling generally unwell, mentally depressed, sluggish, or uneasy.
omnibus concerning or including a large collection of things.
parsimonious excessively frugal; stingy.
repine to express or feel unhappiness; complain; fret.
stickler one who must observe or conform to something (usually followed by "for").
tyro one who is beginning to learn a business, trade, sport, or the like; novice; neophyte.
uxorial of, pertaining to, or befitting a wife.