Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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abeyance temporary suspension or cessation.
austerity a tightened or stringent economy, as when there are high taxes, frozen wages, and shortages of consumer goods.
banal lacking originality or liveliness; disappointingly ordinary; commonplace; trite.
burgeon to start to grow; send forth shoots, leaves, buds, or the like (often followed by "out" or "forth").
condone to pardon, disregard, or overlook voluntarily or without condemning.
dawdle to waste time; be slow.
entreat to beg for something, or to do something.
imbricate overlapping in an even sequence, as roof tiles or fish scales.
imbroglio a difficult, confused, or complicated situation, often involving a misunderstanding, disagreement, or quarrel.
inculcate to cause to accept an idea or value; imbue.
ligature a band or tie.
precursory coming before and serving to indicate what will follow; premonitory.
quiescence a state of inaction, rest, or stillness; dormancy.
recidivism chronic return to bad habits, especially criminal relapse.
tyro one who is beginning to learn a business, trade, sport, or the like; novice; neophyte.