Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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aberration a deviation from what is considered normal or right; irregularity.
austerity a tightened or stringent economy, as when there are high taxes, frozen wages, and shortages of consumer goods.
cachet prestige.
cynosure a thing or person that is the center of attention and admiration.
deter to stop or discourage from some action by creating doubt or fear.
gloaming late evening; dusk; twilight.
immaculate not dirty; completely clean.
impute to ascribe or attribute to a source or cause.
jejune lacking interest or liveliness; dull.
laudatory expressing praise.
lien a legal claim on a piece of property when the current owner is in default on a debt or obligation.
opprobrious expressing condemnation or scorn; accusing of shameful behavior.
pneumatic of, using, or concerning air or other gases.
pusillanimous shamefully timid; cowardly.
sanctimony a pretense of righteousness or piety; feigned devotion or holiness.