Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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appose to place next to or side by side; juxtapose.
baleful threatening harm; full of malice; ominous.
erudite having or showing a high level of scholarly knowledge; learned.
euphoria a strong feeling of well-being or elation, sometimes unrealistic or unwarranted, and able to be induced by certain drugs.
glut a greater supply or amount than is needed.
guru in a cult or religious movement, a spiritual guide or leader, sometimes believed to be divine.
hagiography an admiring and uncritical biography of anyone.
harbinger someone or something that signals or foreshadows a later arrival or occurrence; herald; forerunner.
harrow to go over or break up with a harrow.
immaculate not dirty; completely clean.
inveigle to entice or ensnare by clever talk or flattery.
macrocosm a large unit or entity that represents on a large scale one of its smaller components.
maverick a person who thinks and behaves independently, especially one who refuses to adhere to the orthodoxy of the group to which he or she belongs.
stentorian extremely loud and powerful.
tamp to compress and pack tightly by repeated light taps.