Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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abysmal of vast extent; unmeasurable; extreme.
asperity harshness or roughness, especially of tone or manner.
cognomen a last name; surname.
debouch to advance out of a confined or narrow space such as a canyon into open country.
devolve of a duty or the like, to be passed on to someone else.
garrulous given to talking excessively.
impediment an obstacle or hindrance.
intersperse to place or scatter among other things.
maunder to speak in an aimless or foolish way; babble.
obfuscate to make (something) seem or be difficult to understand; obscure or darken.
otiose having no purpose or use; unnecessary or futile.
peremptory not permitting refusal or disobedience.
pretentious assuming or marked by an air of importance or superiority that is unwarranted.
uxorious excessively or foolishly devoted to one's wife, and often thereby submissive to her.
vitiate to harm the quality of; mar; spoil.