Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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antediluvian hopelessly old-fashioned; primitive; outdated.
asceticism self-discipline and self-denial as a means of spiritual improvement.
deposition a sworn statement, usually in writing, for use as testimony by an absent witness in a court of law.
despoil to forcefully take belongings or goods from; plunder.
deterge to cleanse, wash, or wipe off.
disaffection an absence or loss of good will, faith, or loyalty, especially toward a government, principle, or the like.
heinous extremely wicked or despicable; atrocious.
incursion a raid or sudden invasion.
lenitive mitigating pain, discomfort, or distress; soothing.
nonplus to cause (someone) to be unable to think of what to say, do, or decide; perplex; bewilder.
perquisite a payment or benefit in addition to the wages or salary associated with a position.
pliant easily flexed; supple.
savor to give an impression; hint (usually followed by "of").
solecism a gross violation of convention in grammar, etiquette, or the like; impropriety.
vouchsafe to grant or give with condescension or as a special favor.