Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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abide to put up with; stand.
cession the act of formally giving up or signing over, as a territory; ceding.
demulcent an oily or sticky substance used especially to soothe irritation in mucous membranes.
disaffection an absence or loss of good will, faith, or loyalty, especially toward a government, principle, or the like.
equivocal having at least two plausible alternative meanings, often intentionally so in order to deceive or avoid commitment; ambiguous.
eulogy a spoken or written tribute, especially to honor a dead person; high praise; formal commendation.
fulminate to vehemently denounce or criticize something.
imbricate overlapping in an even sequence, as roof tiles or fish scales.
indolence the tendency to avoid exertion or effort; laziness.
lorgnette eyeglasses, such as opera glasses, that have a short handle by which one holds them in position.
peremptory not permitting refusal or disobedience.
prerogative an exclusive right or privilege derived from one's office, position, age, citizenship, birth, or the like.
purvey to supply or provide (especially food, drink, or other provisions).
putrefaction the act or process of rotting or decomposing.
sententious using or marked by pompous, high-flown moralizing.