Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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corollary a readily drawn conclusion; deduction or inference.
discountenance to embarrass or disconcert.
extort to extract or obtain (money or the like) by force, threats, or abuse of authority.
extrinsic not inherent or essential; extraneous.
fracas a noisy disturbance or quarrel.
guru in a cult or religious movement, a spiritual guide or leader, sometimes believed to be divine.
hackneyed made trite or commonplace by overuse, as an expression or phrase.
inadvertent not planned or intended; unintentional.
ineptitude incompetence; lack of skill.
munificent having or showing great generosity.
peroration the concluding part of a speech in which there is a summing up of the principal points.
sanctimony a pretense of righteousness or piety; feigned devotion or holiness.
somatic of or pertaining to the body itself; corporeal.
sudorific causing or increasing sweat, as a medication.
woebegone displaying or full of distress.