Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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abide to put up with; stand.
abut to adjoin or press against; be next to; border on.
adamant unlikely to change in response to any request or argument; firmly decided or fixed; unyielding.
colloquialism a word or phrase typically used in conversational, informal, or regional speech or writing, hence sometimes considered inappropriate in formal writing.
conjoin to combine for a common purpose.
declivity a downward or descending slope.
devolve of a duty or the like, to be passed on to someone else.
extrude to force out; expel.
incredulous not able to believe something.
liminal of or at the threshold of a physiological or psychological response or change of state.
modular designed with standardized units that may be arranged or connected in a variety of ways.
nonplus to cause (someone) to be unable to think of what to say, do, or decide; perplex; bewilder.
peremptory not permitting refusal or disobedience.
recessional a piece of music that accompanies the exit of participants in a program or religious ceremony.
reprobate an evil or lawless person, often beyond hope of redemption.