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Hobbamock member of the Wampanoag Indian tribe of North America who had a special status as a counselor to the tribe's chief, Chief Massasoit, and as an interpreter for English colonists living alongside the tribe in Plymouth Colony in the 1620s.
Massasoit chief of the Wampanoag Indian tribe of North America in the early 17th century who negotiated a peace treaty in 1621 with English colonists who had settled at Plymouth Rock; born Ousamequin (b.1580?--d.1661).
mayflower (cap.) the ship that in 1620 transported Pilgrims from Plymouth, England to the continent of North America at a point that is now Cape Cod in Massachusetts. [1/2 definitions]
Patuxet Wampanoag village in southeastern Massachusetts whose inhabitants nearly all died of illness between 1616 and 1618. In 1620, English colonists established Plymouth Colony at the site of this village.
Pilgrim Fathers the group of Puritans who founded the colony of Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620.
Plimoth spelling of "Plymouth" originally used by English colonists who settled the Massachusetts area. (See Plymouth.)
Plymouth a U.S. town in southeastern Massachusetts. In 1620, English colonists known as the Pilgrims established a settlement called Plymouth Colony in this location, which later became the town of Plymouth.
Provincetown a U.S. town at the tip of Cape Cod in southeastern Massachusetts where English settlers called the Pilgrims first landed in 1620 before sailing to and settling at Plymouth.