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Bissau the capital of Guinea-Bissau.
brainstorm to engage in a method of problem-solving or idea-gathering in which members of a group freely and spontaneously offer their thoughts and suggestions. [1/6 definitions]
breakaway of a theatrical or film prop, designing to break under slight impact, as a balsa-wood chair. [1/6 definitions]
brucellosis a bacteria-induced disease that causes recurring fever and pains in the joints in people and abortions in cattle; undulant fever; Malta fever; Mediterranean fever.
calzone an Italian dish consisting of a pizza-dough shell filled with meat, cheese, vegetables, or the like.
cath- variant of cata-.
Central Powers a World War I alliance of Germany and Austria-Hungary together with Turkey and Bulgaria.
cha-cha to dance the cha-cha. [1/2 definitions]
chromosome one of the tiny, threadlike, DNA-containing bodies found in the cell nuclei of all plants and animals, responsible for transmitting hereditary characteristics.
comma bacillus the comma-shaped bacterium that causes Asiatic cholera.
deka- variant of deca-.
dynamo- see "dyna-."
filterable virus a virus capable of passing through bacteria-retaining filters and thus remaining infectious.
gin rummy a card game for two players in which the aim is to be the first to discard all of one's cards in three-of-a-kind or sequenced sets.
granite a coarse-grained igneous rock usu. composed of silica-rich minerals such as quartz, feldspar, and small amounts of mica or amphibole, commonly used for building, sculpture, and the like. [1/2 definitions]
hari-kari see "hara-kiri."
mushroom any of numerous edible or poisonous fungi, usu. with a fleshy, umbrella-shaped cap on a thin stalk. [1/7 definitions]
peso the chief monetary unit of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Guinea-Bissau, Mexico, and the Philippines, equaling one hundred centavos. [1/3 definitions]
pisolite a small, rounded, pea-sized mass of calcium carbonate. [1/2 definitions]
plasmid a DNA-containing, self-reproducing element in the cytoplasm of some bacteria which exists outside the chromosome, used in recombinant DNA technology because it can alter a hereditary characteristic when introduced into another bacterium.
privative in grammar, a word element that indicates absence or negation, such as "a-" in "atonal". [1/4 definitions]