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abnormality the quality, state, or condition of being abnormal. [1/2 definitions]
acromegaly a chronic disease causing abnormal enlargement of the hands, feet, and parts of the face, usu. caused by a tumor of the pituitary gland.
Addison's disease a disease caused by disturbance or failure of the adrenal glands, resulting in anemia, low blood pressure, weakness, and an abnormal brownish tinge to the skin.
adhesion an abnormal growing together of separate body tissues. [1/4 definitions]
agoraphobia an abnormal fear of open or public spaces.
allergic having abnormal or disabling sensitivity to certain agents such as drugs, food, or pollen, resulting in a hypersensitive reaction upon exposure. [1/3 definitions]
amenorrhea abnormal absence or stoppage of menstruation.
anatomical peculiarity a physical trait or characteristic of one's body that is considered unusual or abnormal.
anomalous differing from the norm, standard, or common type or rule; abnormal. [1/2 definitions]
atresia the abnormal absence or closure of an orifice or passage within the body. [1/2 definitions]
biomedicine the branch of medicine concerned with human survival and functioning in abnormal environmental conditions.
calculus an abnormal stonelike accumulation of mineral salts in an organ of the body, such as a kidney stone. [1/2 definitions]
chlorosis an abnormal yellowing or color loss in green plant tissue because of insufficient light or nutrition, genetic disorder, or disease that results in deficient chlorophyll production. [1/2 definitions]
claustrophobia an abnormal fear of being in closed or confined places.
croup1 an abnormal respiratory condition, most common in children, the symptoms of which include coughing and difficulty in breathing.
delusion a mistaken or false belief, esp. one that persists despite evidence to the contrary, as in certain abnormal mental states. [1/2 definitions]
diabetes mellitus a chronic and potentially fatal form of diabetes characterized by insulin deficiency, excess sugar in the blood and urine, and abnormal thirst and hunger.
dicephalous two-headed, as an abnormal fetus.
dilatation in medicine, the state or condition of abnormal enlargement of an organ, cavity, or canal of the body.
disease an abnormal physical or mental condition that causes an organism to function wrongly; illness; sickness. [2 definitions]
dissociation in a human being, the abnormal separation of a group of mental activities from ordinary consciousness, as in one afflicted with amnesia or multiple personalities. [1/2 definitions]