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absorbent capable of absorbing. [1/2 definitions]
absorption the act of absorbing or state of being absorbed. [1/2 definitions]
bumper a device for minimizing damage by absorbing the shock of impact, esp. the metal structure often found at the front and back of motor vehicles. [1/7 definitions]
buttress a structure that gives support to the outside of a building by absorbing excessive outward thrust. [1/4 definitions]
control rod a rod or bar in a nuclear reactor that contains a neutron-absorbing material, and that is lowered into or raised from the core to control the fission chain reaction.
deliquesce to dissolve gradually and change into a liquid by absorbing moisture from the air. [1/3 definitions]
digestion the process of absorbing ideas; understanding. [1/3 definitions]
escapism the tendency to escape from or avoid reality by absorbing oneself in fantasies or other entertainment.
hygroscopic attracting or easily absorbing atmospheric moisture.
immersive making or capable of making one feel deeply involved or engaged; deeply absorbing of one's attention.
monochromatic in optics, absorbing or producing light of only a limited range of wavelengths. [1/3 definitions]
omnivorous absorbing or consuming everything. [1/3 definitions]
saturation the act or process of filling, soaking, or absorbing. [1/2 definitions]
tampon a plug of absorbent cotton or other material inserted into a bodily opening or wound to absorb the flow of blood or other secretions, esp. a commercially manufactured one for absorbing menstrual flow.
vane a planar surface with the function of absorbing radiant energy to be stored or transmitted; solar panel; solar vane. [1/4 definitions]