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accidental in music, a note that is raised or lowered by one or two semitones due to the presence of an accidental. [1/5 definitions]
adventitious connected to or arising from something in a nonessential manner; accidental or incidental. [1/2 definitions]
casual occurring by chance; unplanned; accidental. [1/6 definitions]
chance occurring unexpectedly or at random; accidental. [1/7 definitions]
double indemnity a provision in a life or accident insurance policy that twice the face value of the contract will be paid in the event of accidental death.
fluky (informal) resulting from chance; accidental or lucky. [1/2 definitions]
happen to have the accidental lot, luck, or misfortune (to be in a specified situation or do something specified); chance. [1/4 definitions]
leak an accidental opening or crack through which something, esp. a liquid or gas, can pass out or in. [2/10 definitions]
metathesis the accidental or intentional interchange of letters, syllables, or sounds within one word or among words.
safety a locking mechanism, as on a gun, to prevent accidental harm or injury. [1/4 definitions]
safety razor a razor with a detachable blade inserted between guards on the holder that protect against accidental cuts.