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accomplishable combined form of accomplish.
achieve to reach or carry through successfully; accomplish. [1/3 definitions]
anticipate to accomplish or fulfill in advance. [1/3 definitions]
apparatus a machine or group of machines designed to accomplish a specific task. [2 definitions]
attempt an effort put forth in order to achieve or accomplish an end. [1/3 definitions]
backhand to strike or accomplish with a backhand. [1/5 definitions]
breeze (informal) to progress or accomplish something quickly or with little effort. [1/4 definitions]
cakewalk something considered to be easy to accomplish or win. [1/5 definitions]
can-do reflecting an eagerness to take on something combined with the belief in one's ability to accomplish it.
capable having the mental or physical ability to accomplish a particular thing (usually followed by "of"). [1/3 definitions]
collaboration a cooperative effort by which people or organizations work together to accomplish a common project or mission. [1/2 definitions]
compass to obtain or accomplish. [1/9 definitions]
cover ground to accomplish or deal with. [1/2 definitions]
difficult hard to accomplish or understand. [1/3 definitions]
do1 to attempt or carry out in order to solve a problem or accomplish a particular goal. [1/12 definitions]
do the trick to accomplish a result that one wants.
elect to select as the person to accomplish a particular task, usually through a process of voting. [1/8 definitions]
endeavor a strenuous or conscientious attempt to accomplish something. [1/2 definitions]
equip to furnish with necessary tools or means to accomplish a task. [1/2 definitions]
execute to carry out or make real; do; accomplish. [1/4 definitions]
expedite to send off, facilitate the progress of, or accomplish with speed and efficiency. [1/2 definitions]