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appreciate to perceive and acknowledge the worth of; value. [1/4 definitions]
avouch to affirm or state strongly; acknowledge. [2/3 definitions]
celebrate to praise or gratefully acknowledge. [1/4 definitions]
cite to refer to and acknowledge (a source) in writing or speaking. [1/5 definitions]
concede to acknowledge the truth, justice, or propriety of; admit. [1/3 definitions]
confess to declare or acknowledge belief in (a creed, set of religious principles, or the like). [1/6 definitions]
congratulate to praise, acknowledge, and express one's pleasure at the achievement or good fortune of (a person or group).
credit to acknowledge as having done a certain thing or as possessing a certain quality. [1/12 definitions]
endorse to sign as legally required, esp. in order to transfer funds or property, approve the terms or contents of a legal document, or acknowledge receipt of payment. [1/2 definitions]
good-bye used to signify or acknowledge a departure or the end of a telephone call. [1/2 definitions]
pacifism refusal to use or acknowledge violence as a means for settling disputes. [1/2 definitions]
pacifist one who opposes war and refuses to practice or acknowledge violence as a way of settling disputes or resisting aggression. [1/3 definitions]
profess to acknowledge openly; affirm. [1/7 definitions]
recognize to regard or acknowledge as valid. [3/5 definitions]
reject to refuse to accept, grant entry to, acknowledge, or act upon. [1/5 definitions]
roger used to acknowledge reception of a radio message. [1/2 definitions]
testify to declare or acknowledge publicly. [1/6 definitions]
title a word used with or instead of a name to formally acknowledge a person's rank or position. [1/6 definitions]
touché used to acknowledge a witty reply or a point well made by one's opponent in argument. [1/2 definitions]
welcome under no obligation for the favor or courtesy granted (used to acknowledge an expression of thanks). [1/9 definitions]