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arouse to excite or activate; stir up. [1/4 definitions]
button a small, round symbol on a computer screen or electronically-active page that allows one to activate a program. [1/7 definitions]
enkindle to arouse or excite; activate. [1/2 definitions]
fail-safe of, pertaining to, or designating a system of military controls or precautions designed to activate and guide a response to an attack, esp. by air. [1/5 definitions]
mouthwatering so appetizing in smell, appearance, taste, or description as to activate one's salivary glands; tasty or delicious.
relay to activate, control, or retransmit by means of an electrical relay. [1/5 definitions]
spring to cause (a device) to release or activate. [1/22 definitions]
typewriter a machine that produces type similar to that of print by the manual depression of keys that activate letters, numbers, or characters.