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cold turkey (informal) abrupt and total withdrawal from using an addictive substance such as a drug or tobacco. [1/3 definitions]
crack (slang) a highly addictive form of purified cocaine that is smoked in a pipe. [1/15 definitions]
detox detoxification, as from a toxic or addictive substance. [1/3 definitions]
dope (informal) a narcotic or addictive drug or preparation, esp. one used illegally. [1/7 definitions]
drug a substance that causes a chemical change in the body and may be addictive; narcotic. [1/5 definitions]
habit-forming tending to become habitual or addictive, as a drug.
hard drug any drug, such as heroin, that is addictive and causes long-term harmful effects.
heroin an illegal addictive narcotic made from morphine that is usu. mixed with water and taken by injection.
narcotic an addictive drug that induces stupor, drowsiness, or unconsciousness and may be used medically to relieve pain or induce sleep. [1/6 definitions]
nonaddictive combined form of addictive.
opium an addictive drug derived from one variety of poppy, containing various narcotic substances, and producing calm, stupor, sleep, or relief from pain. [1/2 definitions]
substance abuse habitual or harmful use of drugs, alcohol, or other substances that cause heightened mood or loss of inhibition, and which are usually addictive.
withdrawal the physical and and psychological reaction to discontinuance of a drug, esp. one that is addictive. [1/2 definitions]