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abutment the place where adjoining things come in contact; juncture. [1/2 definitions]
adjacent near or next to; adjoining.
back-to-back having the back sides adjoining so that the front sides are facing outward. [1/2 definitions]
contiguous in contact; touching; adjoining. [1/2 definitions]
croft (chiefly British) a small farm, especially one in Scotland, that is rented by a tenant and is composed of a plot of agricultural land and an adjoining dwelling. [1/2 definitions]
pantry a small room, usu. adjoining a kitchen, where kitchen and table supplies and food are kept. [1/2 definitions]
scullery a room adjoining a kitchen, or a part of a pantry, where dishes and utensils are cleaned and stored, or preliminary food preparation is done.
urban sprawl spreading of the urban structure into adjoining suburbs and rural areas.