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administrate to manage, handle or supervise; administer.
anesthetist a person, usu. a doctor or nurse, trained to administer gas or drugs that cause lack of sensation or loss of consciousness.
baptize to administer the Christian rite of immersion in or sprinkling with water, to purify symbolically and admit to church membership. [1/4 definitions]
cinchonize to administer (cinchona, quinine, or the like) to.
dispense to execute or administer (the law). [1/4 definitions]
dope (informal) to apply or administer drugs or narcotics to, sometimes illegally (often fol. by "up"). [1/7 definitions]
dose to administer a prescribed amount, esp. of medicine, to (someone); give a dose to. [1/6 definitions]
douche to administer a douche to. [1/5 definitions]
inflict to strike or administer in a physical assault. [1/2 definitions]
jurisdiction the right or authority to interpret and administer the law. [1/2 definitions]
manage to direct, control, or administer. [2/6 definitions]
mandate a commission given to a country to administer territory on behalf of an international body such as, formerly, the League of Nations. [1/6 definitions]
misgovern to administer or govern poorly or improperly.
pretest to administer a preliminary test. [1/4 definitions]
self-administer combined form of administer.
swear to administer an oath to. [1/9 definitions]
swear in to administer a legal oath or oath of office to.
test1 to administer a test or examination in order to diagnose, evaluate, or discover the presence of something (fol. by "for"). [1/7 definitions]