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adjutant a military officer who assists a commanding officer in administrative affairs. [1/2 definitions]
adjutant general a staff officer who serves as chief administrative assistant to the commanding officer of an army corps or division. [3 definitions]
arrondissement in France, the highest administrative unit within a department. [2 definitions]
borough one of the administrative divisions of New York City. [1/2 definitions]
chancery an administrative office of the Roman Catholic Church. [1/4 definitions]
Co.2 abbreviation of "County," an administrative subdivision in other countries such as England and Canada (used in a proper name). [1/2 definitions]
collegium an administrative committee of equals, esp. one that formerly performed economic, political, or social management in the Soviet Union.
council an assembly of persons gathered together for administrative, legislative, or advisory purposes. [1/2 definitions]
county an administrative subdivision in other countries such as England and Canada. [1/3 definitions]
courthouse a government building containing law courts and administrative offices.
diocese a group of churches or an administrative region under the jurisdiction of a bishop; bishopric.
division an administrative unit in government, industry, the military, schools, sports, and other institutions. [1/7 definitions]
executive the administrative branch of a government. [1/5 definitions]
front office the administrative office of a company or organization, or its executive officers or management.
Hong Kong a region of southeast China containing Hong Kong Island as well as many other islands and the adjacent mainland. Hong Kong was a British colony from the 1840s until 1997 when it was reverted to Chinese rule as a "Special Administrative Region." While it is a part of China and controlled by the Chinese government on all matters related to defense and foreign affairs, Hong Kong operates with a great deal of autonomy, with its own legal system, police force, immigration policy, and currency.
ministry (usu. cap.) an administrative department of state. [1/5 definitions]
oblast an administrative region of Russia, or of the former Soviet Union, or of some of its former republics.
parent being the originating or administrative source. [1/6 definitions]
prefect any of various officials appointed to high civil or military administrative or judicial posts in France, Italy, or ancient Rome. [1/3 definitions]
presidium in certain Communist countries, any of various permanent administrative committees authorized to act for larger governmental bodies when the larger one is in recess. [1/2 definitions]
Pretoria the administrative capital of South Africa. (Cf. Bloemfontein, Cape Town.)