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behind at a point during advancement that is later than. [1/10 definitions]
BMOC abbreviation of "big man on campus" (used to characterize a popular or admired male student, or sometimes one who aggressively promotes his own advancement).
dead-end (informal) providing no opportunity for improvement or advancement. [1/2 definitions]
fast track (informal) a career path or business opportunity for very fast advancement, development, growth, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
foothold a secure position that provides a base for further progress or advancement. [1/2 definitions]
help to give aid or assistance to, or to further the advancement of. [2/13 definitions]
NAACP abbreviation of "National Association for the Advancement of Colored People."
prefer to promote or put forward for advancement. [1/3 definitions]
retarded showing a rate of advancement that is slower than the norm. [1/2 definitions]
state of the art the ultimate level of advancement or development available in an object, process, or the like at a given time.
technological resulting from scientific or industrial advancement. [1/2 definitions]
toady to fawn or flatter others, or abase oneself, in order to gain favor or advancement. [1/2 definitions]