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assume to put on outwardly; pretend; affect. [1/4 definitions]
auxin any of a group of organic compounds, often plant hormones, that affect plant growth.
backwash to affect with backwash. [1/4 definitions]
boomerang to return to or adversely affect the originator, as an actual boomerang or as a scheme that backfires. [1/3 definitions]
circumstance a situation composed of various factors that affect one. [1/6 definitions]
come over of a mood or feeling, to start to affect (someone). [1/6 definitions]
compel to affect or influence forcefully. [1/3 definitions]
curse to express the desire that some misfortune might affect (someone or something), esp. the misfortune of damnation to hell. [1/9 definitions]
do good to do things that help or positively affect others.
fair1 just or reasonable in actions or decisions that affect others. [1/12 definitions]
get to evoke an emotional response; affect. [1/17 definitions]
glaciate to affect by glacial movement or change. [1/3 definitions]
halo effect the tendency of extraneous material or ideas to affect a judgment, attitude, or the like, esp. in a favorable direction. [1/2 definitions]
-id3 used in adjectives, esp. those describing conditions that affect the senses.
illness a particular disease that can affect multiple people, or a particular infection or sickness in an individual. [1/2 definitions]
immune not affected by something that does or might affect others. [1/3 definitions]
impact to affect directly; to have a direct impact on. [1/5 definitions]
infect to affect as though by contagion. [1/4 definitions]
involve to affect. [1/6 definitions]
mildew to affect with or be affected by mildew. [1/3 definitions]
neurological of or pertaining to the nervous system or to the diseases that affect it.