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buoyant able to float or keep something else afloat. [1/3 definitions]
floating buoyed or suspended on water, air, or the like; afloat. [1/5 definitions]
life buoy a buoyant ring-shaped device usu. kept on boats, used to keep a person afloat until he or she can be rescued.
life preserver a buoyant device for keeping a person afloat and preventing drowning, usu. made in the shape of a ring, belt, or jacket.
tide to bear along, on or as if on the tide; keep afloat. [1/6 definitions]
tread water to keep afloat in an erect position with just the head above water by pumping the legs and feet as though walking. [1/2 definitions]
waterborne carried on water; afloat. [1/3 definitions]