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afternoons in or during any, every, or a usual afternoon.
coffee break a short rest from work, usu. in mid-morning or mid-afternoon, for coffee or other refreshments.
evening the period between late afternoon and nightfall. [1/4 definitions]
good afternoon used to say hello or good-bye in the afternoon.
happy hour a period of one or two hours in the late afternoon during which some bars offer reduced prices on drinks.
matinee a morning or afternoon performance of a play, film, or the like.
postmeridian of, pertaining to, or occurring in the afternoon; after noon.
rush hour a period of peak traffic, usu. in the morning and late afternoon, when many people are on their way to or from work.
siesta a rest or nap, esp. in Spanish-speaking countries, during the hottest afternoon hours following the midday meal.
swing shift (informal) the work shift between the day and the night shifts, usu. beginning in the middle of the afternoon and ending at midnight, or the group of workers on this shift.
tea (chiefly British) a light afternoon meal of tea and sandwiches, cake, or biscuits; or the time at which this meal occurs. [1/7 definitions]
tea party a small social gathering, usu. held in the late afternoon, at which tea and other refreshments are served.
twinight of a baseball doubleheader, beginning in the late afternoon so that the second game begins in the evening under lights.
vesper (pl.; sometimes cap.) a Christian prayer service held in the late afternoon or early evening. [1/5 definitions]