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airdrome an airport or landing field.
airfield a level surface, usu. with one or more paved runways, on which aircraft land and take off; airport.
airstrip an airfield or landing strip, usu. unpaved and without the personnel or equipment of an airport; runway.
apron the paved strip at or bordering an airport, on which planes are parked, loaded, and maneuvered. [1/3 definitions]
control tower a tower at an airport from which air traffic is directed by radio.
escalator a moving stairway that operates on a belt mechanism to carry people between floors, as of a department store, airport, or train station.
holding pattern the flying pattern of an aircraft while it awaits clearance to land at an airport.
jetport an airport designed with long runways for use by jet aircraft.
landing strip a runway, esp. one constructed in a remote area and lacking airport facilities.
limousine a small bus or van used to carry passengers to and from an airport, train station, hotel, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
ramp the paved area around the buildings of an airport where planes are landed and loaded or unloaded. [1/7 definitions]
see off to accompany (someone) to a place of departure, such as an airport or bus station, in order to say goodbye.
sock1 something that resembles this covering in function or shape, such as an airport windsock or a covering for the head of a golf club. [1/2 definitions]
stackup a situation in which several airplanes must circle an airport at different altitudes while waiting to land.
traffic pattern a flight path or an arrangement of such paths in the airspace near an airport, in which aircraft fly after taking off or before landing.