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animate alive; living. [1/8 definitions]
animated able to move as though alive. [1/3 definitions]
bioscopy the medical examination of a body to establish whether it is dead or alive.
breathe to be alive. [1/10 definitions]
breathing inhaling and exhaling; living; alive. [1/3 definitions]
come to life to seem alive or resemble something alive. [1/3 definitions]
dead lacking normal life functions; not alive. [1/16 definitions]
deceased no longer alive; dead. [1/2 definitions]
exist to be alive; live. [1/3 definitions]
extinct no longer alive or active, as a volcano or fire. [1/3 definitions]
in the flesh alive and present in person.
joie de vivre joy of living (French); the intense pleasure one takes from being alive.
life something that is alive, or alive things collectively. [2/10 definitions]
life-support system a system of equipment, esp. in a hospital, that keeps a person alive when he or she might otherwise die. [2 definitions]
live1 to have life or to remain alive; exist in an active state. [2/10 definitions]
live2 being alive; possessing life. [1/6 definitions]
living currently alive. [1/10 definitions]
nurse to keep alive or active by dwelling upon. [1/11 definitions]
rise to become alive again after being dead. [1/24 definitions]
skeleton the remains of something that is no longer vital or alive. [1/4 definitions]
smack3 a fishing boat with a sloop rig and a compartment for carrying the fish alive.