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brother a male related to another by similarity such as kinship, allegiance to a particular group, or common purpose. [1/4 definitions]
commonwealth (cap.) a voluntary association of sovereign states with common interests, or a federation of former colonies, such as those sharing an allegiance to the British crown. [1/3 definitions]
die-hard stubbornly clinging to a cause, hope, allegiance, or the like, despite its apparent futility. [1/2 definitions]
disloyal unfaithful to one's duty or allegiance.
expatriate to remove from one's native country or allegiance; send into exile; banish. [4/5 definitions]
faithful giving allegiance to a person, cause, or ideal. [1/7 definitions]
fickle quickly changing without reason or warning, esp. in affection or allegiance; variable or capricious.
flip-flop a sudden reversal or change of mind, allegiance, or the like. [1/7 definitions]
freelance a person who proceeds as an independent in politics with no allegiance to any one party. [1/6 definitions]
high treason violation of allegiance against one's government, or the crime of giving aid and comfort to the enemies of one's own government.
homage a formal, public pledge of allegiance to a feudal lord by a tenant or vassal. [1/2 definitions]
liege a feudal lord or sovereign entitled to allegiance and service. [3/4 definitions]
nonjuror one who refuses to swear an oath, as of allegiance.
oath such a pledge in prescribed words, used to declare allegiance or to declare that one will serve one's office honorably. [1/4 definitions]
straight undeviating in political support or allegiance. [1/20 definitions]
subject a person who owes allegiance to a monarch or to a state. [1/14 definitions]
treachery violation of faith or allegiance; betrayal. [1/2 definitions]
turn to change one's loyalty or allegiance. [1/32 definitions]
turnabout a drastic change in ideas, opinions, allegiance, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
turncoat one who changes from one party, allegiance, or the like, to the opposite, esp. a traitor.
vassal in the Middle Ages, one who was granted the use of land in return for allegiance and service to a feudal lord. [1/2 definitions]