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accommodation (usu. pl.) food and lodging, or lodging alone. [1/6 definitions]
bach (informal) to live and take care of oneself alone, as a bachelor does.
bee any of the flying, hairy-bodied, and often stinging insects that live either in social networks or alone, many of which suck nectar from flowers.
bookshelf a shelf, alone or as part of a set, for books.
butte a steep hill or mountain, usu. with a flat top, that stands alone on flat land. (See mesa.)
Calvinism the teachings of John Calvin and his followers, which emphasized predestination, salvation by God's grace alone, and the authority of the Scriptures. [1/2 definitions]
carmagnole the costume worn by the revolutionaries, consisting of a short loose jacket with wide lapels, black pants, a red cap, and a tricolored girdle, or the jacket alone. [1/2 definitions]
carrot the root alone, which has a crunchy texture, orange color, and tapered shape. [1/3 definitions]
concertize to give solo recitals and concerts, as a musician who tours, performing alone or as a guest artist.
conditioned response a response elicited by repeated presentation of a stimulus not normally connected with the response together with one that is, leading the subject eventually to respond to the first stimulus when it is presented alone.
cosmetic affecting external appearance alone; superficial. [1/4 definitions]
exclamation a word or phrase standing alone, such as "Wow!" or "Oh, dear", used to express emotion; interjection. [1/2 definitions]
fideism the belief that God and eternal, supernatural truths can be fully, or mostly, comprehended by faith, and not by reason alone.
flamenco a dance form of Spanish gypsies or the forceful, percussive, strongly rhythmical music or singing that accompanies it or is played alone. [1/2 definitions]
freestanding standing alone; not attached to or supported by other objects or members, as a sculpture or structure.
git1 (informal; sometimes offensive) Now go! Get out of here, now! Get going! (used alone and in command form only). [1/2 definitions]
globulin in many plant and animal tissues, any of a number of simple proteins that will dissolve in a weak solution of salt and water, though not in water alone, and will coagulate when heat is applied.
hydrophyte a plant that grows in water alone or in esp. wet ground.
insular physically isolated; standing alone. [1/4 definitions]
in vacuo (Latin) in a vacuum; entirely alone or isolated.
knob a rounded hill, esp. one that stands alone. [1/2 definitions]