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altarpiece a work of art that decorates the area above and behind an altar.
baldachin in architecture, a permanent canopy, as of stone, over an altar or other structure. [1/3 definitions]
chancel the area near a church's altar where the clergy and choir are seated.
ciborium the permanent canopy above an altar. [1/2 definitions]
nave1 the long center of a church, extending from the entry area to the altar, usu. with aisles on either side.
pew a stationary church bench with a back and often arms at the ends, usu. one of several arranged in rows facing the altar. [1/2 definitions]
reredos a decorated screen or wall behind an altar in a church.
retablo a decorative painting on a vertical panel or area of wall behind an altar. [1/2 definitions]
shrine a place or object, such as an altar or tomb, considered sacred and devoted to some holy person or deity. [1/3 definitions]
tabernacle a small box for consecrated wine and the Host, usu. located on the altar. [1/3 definitions]
tester2 a canopy, esp. over a bed or altar.