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anytime under any circumstances; always. [1/2 definitions]
caltrop a metal device with four sharp spikes set so that one of them always points upward, used to injure or hinder cavalry horses or vehicles with pneumatic tires. [1/2 definitions]
cleanly always personally clean. [1/2 definitions]
cold war (cap.) the state of intense political and ideological hostility and competition for power that obtained between the communist Soviet Union and China and their allies, and the United States and its democratic allies, between the end of World War II and about 1990. The Cold War, always stopping short of direct military conflict, manifested in the arms race, the space race, and proxy wars in Vietnam, Korea, and the Middle East. [1/2 definitions]
cyme a flower cluster that blooms from the center to the edges, and whose main stem is always topped by a flower.
ever always; continuously. [1/3 definitions]
evermore forever; always. [1/2 definitions]
foolproof always successful or effective. [1/2 definitions]
forever always; continually. [1/2 definitions]
fractal in mathematics and physics, a very irregular line or surface that is formed of an endless number of irregular sections so that its dimensions or other physical properties are always only approximations based on the system of measuring that is used.
geometric progression a sequence of terms, such as 1, 4, 16, 64, 256, in which the ratio of each term to its predecessor is always the same.
one-upmanship the method, practice, or habit of always trying to surpass or gain an advantage over others so as not to be bettered.
Pollyanna in an early twentieth-century novel by Eleanor H. Porter, the heroine and title character, who is always happy and optimistic. [1/2 definitions]
semper fidelis (Latin) always faithful (used as the motto of the U.S. Marine Corps).
semper paratus (Latin) always prepared (used as the motto of the U.S. Coast Guard).
standby a person or thing that is always ready or available. [1/3 definitions]
staple2 an important commodity that is always in demand. [1/7 definitions]
toujours (French) at all times or forever; always.
unerring making no mistakes; always accurate, correct, or appropriate.
yes-man one who always agrees with a superior, or approves of every opinion or idea of the superior; sycophant.