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ai2 a large three-toed sloth of Central and South America, whose coat has a greenish tinge from the algae that live in it.
AK abbreviation of "Alaska," a U.S. state on the northwestern coast of North America between the Bering Strait and Canada.
Alaska a U.S. state on the northwestern coast of North America between the Bering Strait and Canada. (abbr.: AK)
alewife1 a small fish, related to the herring and resembling the shad, found in North America in the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes.
America (pl.) the continents of North and South America taken together (prec. by "the"). [1/3 definitions]
American of, pertaining to, or in North, Central, or South America. [2/5 definitions]
American Indian a member of any of the aboriginal peoples of North America, South America, or the West Indies, usu. excepting the Eskimos.
Americanism any cultural characteristic that is peculiar to America or Americans. [1/3 definitions]
American Sign Language a language used by many deaf people in North America, made up of hand movements and signs.
Amerind an Indian or Eskimo native to North or South America. [1/2 definitions]
Anglo-American of, pertaining to, or involving both England and America or English and American people. [1/2 definitions]
anhinga any of various large swimming and diving birds of tropical and subtropical America that have a long sharp bill and a long snaky neck; snakebird.
Aphrodite (l.c.) a large brown butterfly with silvery spots, found in North America. [1/2 definitions]
Appalachian Mountains mountain system in eastern North America extending from southeastern Canada to central Alabama in the United States; Appalachians.
appaloosa a hardy saddle horse of a breed developed in western North America, usu. having a spotted black and white hide.
Arawak a member of an Indian people once widespread throughout the West Indies, now living chiefly in northern South America. [1/2 definitions]
Argentina a country in the southern part of South America, between Chile and Uruguay.
armadillo a burrowing nocturnal mammal of the southern United States and South America, whose body is armored by jointed, bony plates.
arrowroot a plant of tropical America whose root is dried and pulverized to produce a nutritious starch. [1/2 definitions]
Articles of Confederation a document created in 1781 that served as a set of guidelines for governing the newly formed United States of America. The Articles of Confederation created a "firm league of friendship" among the thirteen original states and maintained the majority of power in states' hands. It was replaced by the U.S. Constitution in 1789.
balsa a tree of tropical America, the wood of which is extremely light in weight. [1/2 definitions]