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AAA abbreviation of "American Automobile Association," an association that provides travel-related discounts and services to its members.
ABA abbreviation of "American Bar Association."
ABC abbreviation of "American Broadcasting Company."
Abraham Lincoln the 16th President of the United States (1861-1865), who was Commander-in-Chief of the Union troops during the American Civil War and who signed the Emancipation Proclamation, thus bringing an end to slavery in the United States (b.1809--d.1865).
ACLU abbreviation of "American Civil Liberties Union," an organization that works to defend and preserve the civil rights of citizens in the United States.
ADA abbreviation of "American Dental Association." [1/2 definitions]
AFL-CIO abbreviation of "American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations."
African American an American of African descent.
African-American of or pertaining to Americans of African descent or their combined American and African heritage.
Afro of or pertaining to a hairdo made popular by American blacks. [2/3 definitions]
Afro-American of or pertaining to American blacks, their African heritage, or their history or culture. [2 definitions]
AFS abbreviation of "American Field Service."
agave any of the tropical American plants, such as the century plant, that are related to the amaryllis and have tall, branched clusters of flowers and leaves with spiny edges.
ageratum any of various low-growing, cultivated American plants of the aster family, with violet-blue or white flowers.
Alan Shepard U.S. astronaut, who was the first American to journey into space (b.1923--d.1998).
Alex Haley a U.S. author celebrated for his pulitzer prize-winning work of historical fiction, Roots: The Saga of an American Family (1976), a publication whose subsequent television broadcast adaptation spawned a national discussion about race and race relations (b.1921--d.1992).
Algonquian a family of North American Indian languages spoken by tribes from Labrador to the Carolinas and from the Atlantic coast to the Rocky Mountains. [1/3 definitions]
all-American having only American members or American-made parts. [2/5 definitions]
alpaca a species of South American domesticated mammal, closely related to the llama, with long, soft hair. [1/4 definitions]
Althea Gibson U.S. professional tennis player, who was the first African-American woman to win all the major world singles tennis titles (b.1927--d.2003).
AMA abbreviation of "American Medical Association."