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electric guitar a guitar that is equipped with a pickup that transmits tones to an amplifier.
magnetic amplifier a tubeless amplifier that employs two sets of windings, a primary set into which input feeds and a secondary set through which flows an alternating current, whose variations are modified by those in the primary winding.
pentode a vacuum tube containing five electrodes that is used as a voltage amplifier.
power pack a portable device that converts the incoming power-line or battery-generated voltage to the voltages required by the various components of an electronic system, such as a radio or television amplifier.
record player a machine to play records, usu. including a turntable, tone arm, amplifier, and speakers; phonograph.
tape deck a tape recorder and player without its own amplifier or speaker, usu. part of a larger sound system.
tone control on an amplifier, a manually controlled device that regulates the intensity of high and low frequencies.