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11th Amendment an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that guarantees a level of sovereign immunity to states by forbidding federal courts from ruling on cases brought against a state by a citizen of another state.
22nd Amendment an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that ensures that no person can be elected to more than two four-year terms as President of the United States. The 22nd Amendment, ratified in 1951, was passed in reaction to President Franklin D. Roosevelt's four terms in office.
a1 having the shape of an A. [1/6 definitions]
a-2 used as an intensifier. [1/3 definitions]
A.A. abbreviation of "Associate in Arts," an undergraduate degree conferred on a person who has completed a curriculum in the liberal arts.
AAA abbreviation of "American Automobile Association," an association that provides travel-related discounts and services to its members.
aback so that the wind catches the front side of an open sail. [1/2 definitions]
abandon to stop pursuing (an activity, goal, or the like); give up; relinquish. [1/6 definitions]
abatis an obstacle constructed by bending and sharpening the branches of trees or implanting sharpened limbs in a soil barricade, sometimes interlaced with barbed wire.
abbacy the authority, term of office, or rights of an abbot.
aberration an imperfection in an optical lens, or the blurring caused by such an imperfection. [1/3 definitions]
abeyance in law, a condition of temporarily undetermined ownership, as of property or an estate. [1/2 definitions]
abiotic characterized by an absence of living organisms; without life.
-able capable or worthy of being the object of (such) an action. [1/3 definitions]
-ably in a manner that indicates the capability of or tendency toward performing, or being the object of, (such) an action.
abolition the act of doing away with or putting an end to; the act of abolishing or state of being abolished. [1/2 definitions]
abolitionist an advocate of Abolition. [1/2 definitions]
A-bomb an atomic bomb.
abominate to have an intense aversion to; loathe; detest. [1/2 definitions]
aboriginal native to an area; indigenous. [2/3 definitions]
aborigine an original or first inhabitant of an area, esp. a member of a tribe native to Australia. [1/2 definitions]