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basilica a large, oblong building of ancient Rome with a series of semicircular apses at one end, used as a public meeting hall or church. [1/2 definitions]
centurion in ancient Rome, an officer in command of a company of about one hundred men.
cestus2 in ancient Rome, a hand covering made of strips of leather weighted with iron or lead and worn by boxers.
circus in ancient Rome, a large, roofless arena surrounded by rows of seats, used for public spectacles and games. [1/3 definitions]
curia one of ten subdivisions of the three tribes in ancient Rome, or its meeting place. [1/2 definitions]
denarius a silver coin of ancient Rome. [2 definitions]
duumvir either of two officers in ancient Rome who exercised jointly the duties of a public office.
duumvirate government authority held by a two-member board, as in ancient Rome. [1/2 definitions]
gens in ancient Rome, a patrilineal clan having a common name and worshiping a common ancestor. [1/2 definitions]
gladiator a man in ancient Rome who fought, often to the death and usu. under compulsion, for the amusement of an audience. [1/3 definitions]
haruspex a minor priest and soothsayer in ancient Rome who foretold the future by inspecting the vital organs of sacrificial animals.
imperator in ancient Rome, a victorious general or an emperor.
lares in the religion of ancient Rome, gods or spirits, as of ancestors, that watched over a household.
Latin the language of ancient Rome, from which the Romance languages are derived. [2/6 definitions]
libra1 in ancient Rome, a unit of weight equal to approximately twelve ounces; pound.
lictor in ancient Rome, a minor official who carried the fasces and cleared the way for the chief magistrates whenever they made a public appearance.
manes (often cap.) in ancient Rome, the souls of the dead, esp. of one's ancestors. [1/2 definitions]
palatine (cap.) one of the seven hills of ancient Rome. [1/5 definitions]
penates in the religion of ancient Rome, gods or spirits, as of ancestors, that watched over a household.
pontifex in ancient Rome, a member of the college of priests.
pontiff a member of the highest college of priests in ancient Rome. [1/3 definitions]