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anesthetize to render unable to perceive bodily sensations such as pain, esp. with an anesthetic.
benzocaine a white, odorless, tasteless powder used in ointments as a local anesthetic and a shield against sunburn.
chloroform a clear, heavy, volatile liquid used as an anesthetic and a solvent. [2/3 definitions]
cocaine a substance extracted from coca leaves and used as a surface anesthetic or, often illegally, as a stimulating drug.
ether a very volatile, flammable liquid compound of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen, used as a solvent and formerly as an anesthetic. [1/4 definitions]
ethyl chloride a gas that becomes a volatile flammable liquid under pressure, made from ethyl alcohol and hydrogen chloride and used as a solvent and local anesthetic and in the making of tetraethyl lead.
lidocaine a synthetic crystalline compound used as a local anesthetic and in controlling an erratic heartbeat.
methyl chloride a colorless, poisonous gas, used as a local anesthetic, in refrigeration, and in organic synthesis.
morphine a drug derived from opium and used as a sedative or anesthetic.
nerve block a local anesthetic that works by temporarily deadening a particular nerve, usu. administered by injection into or next to the nerve.
nitrous oxide a colorless, nonflammable, inorganic gas with a sweet taste and smell, used as an anesthetic; laughing gas.
Novocaine trademark for a drug, procaine, used as a local anesthetic esp. during dental work.
preanesthetic combined form of anesthetic.
procaine a synthetic white crystalline compound used as a local anesthetic.
spinal a spinal anesthetic. [1/3 definitions]
spinal anesthesia partial or complete anesthesia produced by injecting an anesthetic directly into the spinal cord.
thiopental a yellowish white powder that is administered intravenously as an anesthetic or hypnotic; thiopental sodium.