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A1 abbreviation of "answer."
ask to request an answer to. [1/11 definitions]
back-talk (informal) to answer in an insolent manner.
catechize to teach (someone) by a question and answer method, esp. religious principles. [1/2 definitions]
conclusive serving to reach a final answer or decision, or to settle.
conundrum a riddle whose answer contains or is a pun. [1/2 definitions]
equivocate to express oneself ambiguously, often to avoid giving a direct answer or to deceive.
fence to avoid giving a straightforward answer; hedge. [1/5 definitions]
figure out to find an answer to a problem or puzzling question by using the power of the mind.
give away to tell or reveal (an answer, secret, or other piece of information); disclose. [1/4 definitions]
guesswork the process of arriving at an answer through making guesses or conjectures.
investigator a person who makes a careful search for information usually in order to answer a question.
leading question a question worded in such a way as to suggest the correct or desired answer.
nonanswer combined form of answer.
parry a clever answer, evasion, or other tactic to defend oneself. [1/5 definitions]
prolepsis the anticipation of possible arguments, before they are put forward by an opponent, in order to answer them in advance. [1/2 definitions]
question something for which there is no clear answer at present; a matter of uncertainty, puzzlement, or controversy. [1/8 definitions]
receptionist an office worker employed primarily to greet visitors, screen telephone calls, and answer routine questions.
reply to express an answer in words or writing. [2/6 definitions]
rescript an official answer from a Roman emperor or the pope in regard to a question of doctrine or law. [1/3 definitions]
respond to say as a reply; answer. [1/3 definitions]