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barley a cereal plant bearing bristled grains on densely packed spikes. [1/2 definitions]
belladonna a poisonous plant bearing purplish red flowers and black berries; deadly nightshade. [1/2 definitions]
cowslip a marsh plant bearing bright yellow flowers. [1/2 definitions]
giant anteater see "ant bear."
great anteater see "ant bear."
marsh marigold a plant bearing bright yellow flowers that grows in marshes and lowland meadows; cowslip.
mignonette a common garden plant bearing spikes of fragrant pale green flowers.
pickerelweed a North American aquatic plant bearing arrow-shaped leaves and spikes of blue-violet flowers that grows in shallow fresh waters.
poison ivy a North American plant bearing leaflets in groups of three, greenish flowers, and white berries and secreting an oil that can cause a severe rash on contact. [1/2 definitions]
red pepper one of several varieties of pepper plant bearing green pods that turn red when ripe. [1/2 definitions]
scurvy grass an arctic plant bearing white flowers and having a bitter flavor, formerly used to treat scurvy.
sweet alyssum a low-growing garden plant bearing small white or violet flowers.
water chestnut an aquatic plant bearing an edible four-pronged nutlike fruit. [1/2 definitions]