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aluminum hydroxide a white, water-insoluble powder used as an antacid and to waterproof fabric and manufacture glass.
baking soda a white powder used as a leavening agent in baking, an antacid, a mouthwash, and a fire extinguisher; sodium bicarbonate.
bicarbonate a chemical that is a variety of carbonate, used esp. in baking or as an antacid. (See sodium bicarbonate.)
magnesia a white, powdery oxide of magnesium, used esp. in medicine as a laxative or antacid. (See milk of magnesia.)
milk of magnesia a milky mixture of magnesium hydroxide and water, used primarily as a laxative or antacid.
sodium bicarbonate a white water-soluble powder used as a fire extinguisher and antacid, and in the manufacture of mineral water, baking soda, and sodium salts; bicarbonate of soda; baking soda.