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anthropoid resembling an ape, esp. in behavior. [2/3 definitions]
bigfoot a conjectured animal resembling a large ape or gorilla, alleged to live in the wilder areas of the Pacific Northwest; sasquatch.
bonobo any of a species of highly intelligent African ape related to but smaller than the chimpanzee and exhibiting various human-like behaviors. The bonobo's habitat in the wild is limited to an area within the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
chimpanzee a highly intelligent African species of ape, closely related to humans and smaller than the gorilla.
missing link a certain creature, not yet discovered, that would represent the supposed evolutionary stage between ape and man. [1/2 definitions]
orangutan a large, tree-dwelling ape of Borneo and Sumatra that has long arms and long, reddish brown hair.
Piltdown man a skull, found in 1911, believed to represent a species of prehistoric human but shown in 1953 to be a forged composite of modern human and ape bone fragments.
simian an ape or monkey. [1/2 definitions]