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antipasto in Italian cookery, an appetizer course including smoked meats, olives, fresh and pickled vegetables, cheese, and other foods.
canapé a cracker or small piece of bread or toast spread with cheese, meat, or other appealing food and served as an appetizer.
cocktail1 an appetizer such as juice, mixed chopped fruit, or cold seafood with a sauce. [1/4 definitions]
crudités cut-up raw vegetables, usu. served with a dip, as an appetizer or party snack.
dim sum any of various Chinese dishes served in appetizer portions, esp. small dumplings filled with minced vegetables, meat, or seafood and steamed or fried, or a variety of such dishes served together.
fruit cocktail a mixture of diced fruit, sometimes in a light syrup, served as an appetizer or dessert.
savory1 a piquant or pungent dish served esp. in Britain as an appetizer or in place of a sweet dessert. [1/4 definitions]
steak tartare raw ground beef mixed with onion, seasonings, and raw egg and eaten uncooked, sometimes as an appetizer; tartar steak.
whet that which stimulates; appetizer. [1/5 definitions]