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appointive filled by appointment, as a position or office.
assignation an appointment to meet, esp. between lovers; tryst. [1/2 definitions]
book to reserve or engage for use or services; make an appointment for. [1/13 definitions]
call off to cancel (an appointment, action, event, or the like).
cancel to do away with, nullify, or eliminate, as an appointment or reservation. [1/5 definitions]
civil service a system of awarding government jobs on the basis of competitive examinations, rather than by appointment or election. [1/3 definitions]
date1 a scheduled appointment. [2/11 definitions]
designation a nomination for or appointment to office. [1/3 definitions]
diary (chiefly British) a book with spaces to record appointments, personal notes, or reminders; appointment book. [1/3 definitions]
doctor's office a building, or place within a building, used by a single physician or group of physicians, where patients can consult with or be treated by a doctor on an appointment basis.
engagement a scheduled appointment or obligation. [1/4 definitions]
junior of lower position, rank, or standing; of more recent appointment or shorter tenure. [2/6 definitions]
nominate to propose (a person) as a candidate for election or appointment. [1/2 definitions]
reappointment combined form of appointment.
walk-in a client or customer who walks in without an appointment. [1/6 definitions]