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acknowledge to show appreciation or thanks for. [1/4 definitions]
appreciative feeling or capable of feeling gratitude or appreciation.
cheer a cry of encouragement, approval, or appreciation, as by spectators to encourage their favorite team or players. [3/9 definitions]
connoisseur a person with the experience, expertise, and sense of appreciation to make informed judgments in a fine art or in matters of taste.
dull lacking in receptiveness, appreciation, or alertness. [1/10 definitions]
grateful feeling or showing appreciation for kindnesses or benefits; thankful. [1/2 definitions]
gusto vigorous or hearty enjoyment or appreciation.
highly with praise or appreciation. [1/3 definitions]
huzzah hurray! (used to express approval, joy, appreciation, or encouragement).
kudos (used with a sing. or pl. verb) praise, honor, and appreciation for work done or status achieved.
relish a great enjoyment or appreciation of something, esp. food or drink. [1/6 definitions]
salvo a sudden expression of appreciation, such as applause, cheers, or praise. [1/3 definitions]
sensibility keenness of perception; appreciation. [1/4 definitions]
slur to treat without due appreciation; pass by (often fol. by over). [1/8 definitions]
thank to express gratitude or appreciation to. [1/2 definitions]
thankless not likely to receive appreciation or reward. [2 definitions]
tip3 a small gift, usu. money, given in appreciation for a service rendered. [1/5 definitions]
virtu an appreciation for or knowledge of fine objects of art, antiques, or the like. [1/2 definitions]