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advance (sometimes pl.) an approach or proposition, often sexual. [1/13 definitions]
at wits' end having exhausted every conceivable method or approach.
bremsstrahlung electromagnetic radiation, such as x-rays, produced by the sudden deceleration or acceleration of an electron caused by its approach to an atomic nucleus.
close in on to approach or surround, as to entrap or capture.
come to move toward the location of the speaker; approach. [1/12 definitions]
come-on a flirtatious approach or offer. [1/2 definitions]
coming arrival or approach. [1/2 definitions]
creep up on to silently approach from behind or in such as way as to surprise.
do-si-do a movement in square dancing in which two dancers approach each other, pass around each other back to back, and return to their original positions. [1/4 definitions]
eclectic a person who uses an eclectic method or takes an eclectic approach. [1/3 definitions]
evidence-based pertaining to a process or approach that is developed based on scientific evidence.
forbidding tending to discourage an approach; likely to be unmanageable; uninviting. [1/2 definitions]
forthcoming an act or instance of coming forth; appearance or approach. [1/4 definitions]
free school a school that is an alternative to the traditional public and private schools, with a flexible approach to teaching.
ham-handed clumsy or indelicate, as using large awkward hands or an awkward, insensitive approach.
herald a person or thing that signals the beginning or approach of something. [2/4 definitions]
inaccessible hard or impossible to reach, approach, or attain.
innovate to propose or implement a new method, approach, idea, or the like; make inventive changes. [1/2 definitions]
innovation a new method, approach, idea, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
maneuver to change position, location, or approach for tactical advantage or as part of a plan. [1/8 definitions]
mill1 an establishment or process that takes a routine, mechanical approach to matters that should be treated more significantly. [1/9 definitions]