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angular measured by the degrees of an arc. [1/3 definitions]
arc furnace an electric furnace in which heat is produced by an arc formed between the material being heated and an electrode, or between two electrodes.
arc lamp a lamp, such as a searchlight, in which light is produced by an electric arc passing through a gas between two hot electrodes; arc light.
arc welding a method of welding in which the extreme heat of an electric arc is used.
azimuth an arc measured horizontally and clockwise from a point north, in navigation, or a point south, in astronomy, to another point where a vertical circle intersects the horizon. [1/2 definitions]
bloop (informal) in baseball, to hit (the ball) in a low arc that carries just beyond the infield, usu. for a hit. [1/2 definitions]
blooper (informal) in baseball, a hit ball that flies in a low arc just beyond the infield, usu. for a hit. [1/2 definitions]
carbon in carbon arc lighting or welding, either of two graphite rods into which electrical current is conducted to form the arc. [1/7 definitions]
cosecant in trigonometry, the secant of the complement or the reciprocal of the sine of a given angle or arc.
crescent the shape of the moon as it appears in its first or last quarter, an arc tapering to a point at either end. [1/5 definitions]
curve an arc of a circle or any line resembling such a segment. [1/7 definitions]
klieg light a powerful, bright arc light used esp. to light the sets for motion pictures.
lob to hit or throw (a ball or the like) in a high, often slow arc. [2 definitions]
midpoint in geometry, the point that divides a line or arc into two equal lengths. [1/2 definitions]
minute1 in geometry, a unit of measure equal to one sixtieth of a degree of angle or arc. [1/6 definitions]
octant an eighth of a circle, or the arc or area it includes. [1/4 definitions]
quadrant one quarter of the arc of a circle. [2/5 definitions]
rainbow an arc in the sky containing the colors of the visible spectrum, which results from the shining of sunlight on water droplets during or after a rain. [1/2 definitions]
right ascension the angular distance of the arc of one of the hour circles of a celestial body, measured eastward along the equator from the vernal equinox to the intersection of the hour circle, and expressed in degrees or hours; the celestial equivalent of longitude.
second2 in geometry, a unit of measure equal to one sixtieth of a minute of angle or arc. [1/3 definitions]
sector in geometry, a figure shaped like a piece of pie and determined by an arc of a circle and the two radii that intersect the endpoints of it. [1/4 definitions]