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Agent Orange an extremely toxic defoliant widely used by U.S. armed forces during the Vietnam War and now believed to cause cancer and birth defects.
armada a fleet of armed ships. [2 definitions]
armor units of armed military vehicles such as tanks. [1/5 definitions]
assault an attack staged by armed forces, usu. resulting in close combat with the opposing forces. [1/5 definitions]
bodyguard a person, often armed, who is employed to protect an individual or group from bodily harm.
carbineer a soldier armed with a carbine.
casualty a member of the armed forces removed from active duty as a result of being killed, wounded, captured, or missing in action. [2/5 definitions]
cavalier an armed horseman; knight. [1/4 definitions]
commander in chief (often caps.) the person in charge of all the armed forces of a nation. [2 definitions]
commissariat the military organization or system for supplying provisions and equipment to armed forces. [1/2 definitions]
conflict an armed battle or war. [1/6 definitions]
conquer to gain or overcome by force, esp. armed force. [1/4 definitions]
convoy to go with and protect, esp. by an armed force or ships. [1/5 definitions]
corvette a small, swift, lightly armed ship, used esp. as an escort. [2 definitions]
declared war an armed conflict that is precipitated by a formal declaration of war.
dragoon a heavily armed cavalryman of seventeenth and eighteenth century Europe. [2/3 definitions]
fighter a fast military aircraft used in armed combat esp. against other aircraft. [1/3 definitions]
foe an enemy in armed conflict or war; an opposing army or country. [1/5 definitions]
freedom fighter a person who participates in armed rebellion against an established government, with the expressed aim of freeing the people from oppression.
frigate a fast, medium-sized, armed sailing vessel used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. [1/2 definitions]
fusilier a soldier armed with a fusil.