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antitank designed for use against tanks or other armored vehicles during combat.
armadillo a burrowing nocturnal mammal of the southern United States and South America, whose body is armored by jointed, bony plates.
battleship one in a category of large, heavily armored military ships.
casemate an armored enclosure or compartment, as in a warship or fortress, with openings for guns or artillery.
cavalry troops mounted on horseback or in armored carriers or helicopters, or the branch of military service composed of such troops.
conning tower a warship's armored pilothouse. [1/2 definitions]
half-track a motor vehicle, esp. an armored military one, with an endless-chain track on the rear drive wheels, or the track itself.
mace1 a heavy, spiked club of the Middle Ages used against armored opponents. [1/2 definitions]
panzer an armored vehicle, esp. a tank used by the Germans in World War II. [1/2 definitions]
tank a large armored vehicle used in military operations. [1/5 definitions]
torpedo boat a fast, maneuverable, lightly armored boat used to torpedo enemy ships.
unarmored combined form of armored.