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choice variety or array of alternatives. [1/7 definitions]
claymore mine a mine, planted in the ground, that is designed to explode in a fanlike array of fragments in the path of an enemy force.
equation in chemistry, an array of symbols representing a reaction as to both its starting materials and its products, and using an equal sign or arrows to divide the two groups. [1/4 definitions]
panoply an impressive covering or array of things. [1/2 definitions]
parade a succession or passing array. [1/9 definitions]
radio telescope a concave reflector or array of reflectors designed to collect and focus extraterrestrial radio waves for analysis.
rainbow multicolored display or array. [1/2 definitions]
spectrum an array of a physical system or phenomenon according to the magnitude of one of its properties such as mass or wavelength, esp. an array of light in the order of wavelengths that produces the rainbow. [1/2 definitions]
wilderness a large and confusing array or collection. [1/3 definitions]